Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What next?

It is 2AM +/-

The wind is whipping outside and my mind refuses to let me get more shut eye. Weariness will hit tomorrow as the nearly 50 degree temperatures of yesterday meander through my mind.

I hate the weather here and that will not change.

Plus, hunger is ravaging my body. Since the onset of BBS - Big Butt Syndrome, I've been watching the calories around here AND exercising daily (nearly) on the treadmill. Starving is not in the plan, but sometimes hunger just now!

A couple of knit projects are in the works. Chris sent the lovely Briar Rose Wistful (above) destined to become a Morning Glory Wrap. Anne Hanson is a genius when it comes to pattern design. Methinks everyone knows this but, if you are not familiar with Anne, take time to browse her patterns at the link - they will not disappoint!

Chantal, a Norah Gaughn pattern from Berroco has been in process as well. The yarn was frogged from Becky's ISE5 scarf attempt in favor of a softer alpaca. The stitch chosen for the scarf made the yarn feel scratchy, but it is working well in a Fisherman's Rib. This rib is a very nice stitch, but seems to go on forever. The back ribbing was finally finished last weekend and I've switched over to the Ultra Alpaca for the upper back. The armholes and decreases are all in and there are a few inches left to go. The rib seems a bit big where the seam goes in. Otherwise, I like the way it looks. Progress photos are needed.

The Brea Bag is still waiting in the wings. There was only one fat quarter of the cupcake fabric and the thought was to seam a solid at the bottom in order to have enough cupcake showing at the top. All along, a hunt was going on for the elusive fabric which was located at Crybaby's Fabric Boutique. They have cute stuff and I love the Organic Sheeps print!
The entire remaining inventory of white cupcake fabric is on it's way to me!

Other than that, the urge to cast-on has been resisted. Time is of the essence as we wait to hear of college acceptance and trudge away on the Scrapbooks. Why, oh why is scrapbooking such a chore for me? Say a little prayer, if you will, on this one because June will be here before we know it and the Scrapbooks will be unfinished.

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Anonymous said...

The Morning Glory shawl is going to be bee-you-tee-ful! SB