Sunday, January 20, 2008

LIVE...From Chicago!

...not so 'live' really. The Palmer House charges $17.?? for internet connectivity (per day, methinks) and we didn't need connectivity THAT badly.

Just a quick jaunt to soak up some culture. There was great food and Hubs surprised Bugg and I with tickets to Wicked!!! I've wanted to see this show for a very long time and last year he refused to pay the price that these tickets sometimes command. Turns out, you can get lucky by visiting the theatre on performance day.

The show was fantastic (as were our seats) and the plan is to go again when the show is at The Wharton Center in Lansing this summer. If you have the chance to catch it while on tour or in a major city, you will not be sorry!

A few modeling shots of our T-shirts.

Bugg has red-eye in the second, but it sort of goes with her pose so I didn't fix it for this post.


I've cast-on Chantal from Norah Gaughan's Vol 1. All of that Fisherman's Rib goes slowly. It was thrilling to be able to use the Ultra Alpaca Light frogged from Becky's ISE5 scarf. The yarn works well in Fisherman's Rib and is extremely soft.

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doulicia said...

We saw Wicked in Toronto a few years ago and really enjoyed it. A babysitter had given our son the soundtrack the summer before and we all got hooked on the music. Glad you enjoyed the trip!