Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rounding the craft bend

Contemplation has been the word of the month. My elbow has continued to nag at me and thoughts of knitting being worth the trouble have loomed in my mind.

The elbow is not in pain, merely discomfort, but it is persistent. Just sharp enough to let me know it is still with me and that escape is probably not possible. I've tried out exercises, sitting positions, and different seating. All to no avail.

So, as I was finishing up the Mod Pod felted tote that was nabbed at Stitches West, I began to wonder if a 'next project' was in my near future. Dread was setting in due to the necessary felting of that long tote strap and it might be a great time for a more permanent break.

What would become of all the lovely fibers in my stash?

A pattern has been sitting on my table for nearly a month. The Aestlight Shawl was a birthday gift from my Ravelry friend Linda. What a lovely surprise it was to receive the pattern and it has been on my list since receipt. The perfect fiber was being elusive so, as the tote dried, I searched my stash. After rejecting much yarn, the perfect choice came to mind. My Aestlight will be made from very beautiful Briar Rose BFL handspun. Using handspun was great for another reason, too - Linda had just dipped her toe into spinning!

The uncertainty and elbow pain washed away and, as that buttery fiber slid through my fingers, I knew that knitting was still my thing.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

a tennis tidbit

We are going to State, baby! When we moved to Louisiana a little over a year ago, I was thrilled that the climate would support year-round tennis. I wasn't a tennis player, never had a lesson, or did not know how to properly hit a ball. My goal was to learn and play well enough to be on a team with my daughter when she came home for the summer.

Last October (2009), I took a beginner's clinic and discovered that a love for the game was just under my surface. There has been a lot of practice and I will go play with just about anyone. In the beginning, my butt was kicked...a lot. Fortunately, sheer will power and determination (along with a lot of practice) has helped me reach my original goal...there have been a few perks.

Last month, we entered our first tournament and WON! This past weekend, my partner and I came in second in a different tournament. Our team finished league play last night and WON our division which means we are going to State competition. The best thing has been meeting so many wonderful people.

Bugg comes home from school this Friday and we are signed up for various events. I can't wait for us to share this game that we both so clearly love.