Saturday, December 31, 2011

The skein that sparked insanity

cranberry biscotti
On the cusp of a brand spankin' New Year and I find myself sorting through bins of yarn.

My goal (if you can rightfully call it that) is to get every skein of yarn into Ravelry with a photo and bin location. The craziness that sparked this endeavor was my desire to find a skein of sock yarn that I KNEW I had. It nearly became an obsession as every bin was searched and searched through again. Ha! The bins are see through and laziness overtook me - the one skein of yarn was in the middle of a bin and could not be seen through the outside.


After finding the skein of yarn, it didn't match for the project in mind. I refuse to buy new yarn, so a suitable substitute was located for some new socks - Cranberry Biscotti. Love this sock and it will be knit, but probably not soon. You see, the Through the Loops annual sock KAL is beginning tomorrow and this will be my third year to participate. The yarn for that sock has been chosen (yes, from the mega stash).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Neglecting the blog

Eliza cardi (4)I have really been negligent both in posting and in reading blogs. I have come to dread the idea of opening Google Reader because the many number of unread blog posts of those I enjoy will throw me into a tail spin. Instead, I remain blissfully ignorant, power up my new iPad, and play Words with Friends.

The holidays were nice. My parents flew in on Christmas Eve and it was the best holiday I can remember. The weather was a little cool for a couple of days, but snow did not appear and it warmed back up as the news made reports of snowy weather across much of our nation.

I've stayed warm by finishing a sweater knit from Punta Merino Solid which I am totally in love with and by reading. Ideas of blog abandonment have crossed my mind. The thought right now is to maybe just let it lie and see what happens. Tennis is beginning again and that takes loads of time. We shall see.
Eliza cardi (3)