Friday, January 23, 2009

Why frog a 'sweater'?

I had started a sweater out of this Naturally's Tibet years ago when I first began knitting. The front, back, and one sleeve were finished. Sanity hit me. It was evident that the sweater would never be worn and it languished in a bag until the recent move.

Another project was cast on and this yarn will become the Lace Scarf cover project for Vogue Knitting, Winter 2008/09.
Start-itis continues!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

little bit of content

January's arrival has ushered in a bad case of start-itis. With the Whirligig vest near completion, I'm finding it nearly impossible to finish. It just seems to go on and on and on. Please, if you see a mistake in it, don't tell me - it was put there on purpose, I assure you.
Mitzi gifted me a birthday present in this little fabric bag. The design is lovely and the colors draw me in. Anyway, it's new use is as a project bag for the Sunday Scarf. The pattern is free with a yarn purchase and you can make the scarf with one skein. This is Nirvana, 92% merino, 8% cashmere. I've fallen in love with Carol Sunday's designs and lust after the Lotus Tee.
Needlework? Well, yes!
It has been awhile and it would be nice to share that some of my larger in process pieces are getting finished, but those are missing in the moving. They are safe, hopefully. Luckily, there were some smaller projects that made it and I've been wanting to begin them for years.

There is a nice needlework shop here in my new town and the people there are just lovely! There is a monthly stitch and it was much fun. I met around 15 new people and was able to get some stitching finished on the stocking above.

...a little more stitching

proof of my start-itis
It seems the only thing missing is a little spinning. Not to disappoint.
While grooming Edward last week, a little fiber just pulled off. He is almost to the point where he needs to be sheared. After it was collected, there was just enough to spin a little. This is 100% Angora from Edward and is the first I've spun. He is such a beautiful color! I have about the same amount from another grooming and will just add it on.
As for the weather, it is still nice 40-50-ish and the sun shines every day. Come on down - I'll make room for you and we will knit and spin all day long. I miss you, my friends.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I went to the store

I went to the store today.

I drove right there without having to clean ice or snow off of the car

My knuckles didn't turn white from gripping the steering wheel and hoping that no one would slide into me

Mittens, hats, scarves, or coats were not necessary

The cart was easy to push through the parking lot

Sun was shining and it all made me very happy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun stuff to keep you coming back

Sharon called this week and complained that I haven't posted anything much. Two complaints mean some good customer service needs to occur.
We have had some fun while in Louisiana - I didn't mean to lead you to believe that it was all moving company and lack of the necessities.
seems like shoes really haven't changed that much

a corncob bobbin, who would've thought?

proof that fiber has always been a necessity

more proof...

...I know what you're thinking, but I didn't sit down and spin. I could have, no one was watching

this would be an upgrade (the grill, not the hubs)

a rarity - they quit arguing long enough for a photo. This was taken in New Orleans.

my daddy and my Bugg

...and my silly momma

Monday, January 12, 2009

There's a lot to this moving thing

I've spent this morning making appointments - all sorts of appointments - for the dogs, the cars, the humans.

Moving can be exotic and exciting. An ongoing adventure, but there is that other side where you get lost, need referrals, or just want comfort of knowing where to get something in a hurry.

The puppies are all set with dates for a grooming and vet visit. I was lucky enough to find a Westie breeder right here in town. Get this, she is from Michigan and was able to recommend a vet and groomer. There wasn't much time to chat and visit on the day she returned my call, but I plan to call back to explain that my new nail technician frowned upon taking a phone call at that particular time.

Car dealerships are pretty easy to get into and the last car is going in this week. It is still under warranty and I am grateful for that because sometimes the controls for the seater heater/cooler work and sometimes they don't. Great gadgets until they need fixing and then the wallet screams.

Hubs has necessary medical maintenance and has found a new physician, FYS's physical from his previous school is still good for now and he is set.

My dental process continues. It is a process that began over 5 years ago with a freak accident that left my upper jaw broken and many other injuries to be repaired over a long period of time. The providers were incredible and I doubt that such care could have been found anywhere else. The idea of leaving these doctors makes me a little nervous.

We are still dealing with the movers and missing inventory. My yarn swift is in box 100, but that particular box cannot be located. The swift is minimal compared to the other things that are missing. A delivery of what they have been able to find is impending. Something tells me they will show up just after I leave for an afternoon appointment.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Momma Boogies

My mom called last week and said that I needed to be better about posting to my blog.

There are plenty of things to keep me busy and my content is scarce right now so I thought I would share this little video.

Love you - momma!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mardi Gras?

Things have been so hectic with the move that I find myself taking the easy route - posting photos and mini-updates on Facebook and Ravelry. Thus, my blog has been very neglected.

There are a couple of things I've been doing around knitting. The first is working on sizing a sweater that I helped design for Chris. There isn't much quiet time right now and the design is challenging to upsize. I need to find some time to devote to it.

The knitting has been primarily on the Whirligig vest. This design is in Simply Shetland 5 and is the creation of Betsy Westman. No secret, colorwork calls to me and I'm nearing the armhole for this vest. It is super fun and I can't wait to wear it.

I know - it is quite bright...maybe it will be finished in time for Mardi Gras!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hot beer and cold showers part 2

the next photo shows my stash ready to be loaded; this photo shows my upgraded stash closet!

...weary from the previous day's drive, we arrived at the new house ready for the delivery of our stuff. The theory was that a certain color inventory sticker was used for what went to storage and a different color sticker indicated that an item or box should come to the house. All in all, this seemed like a pretty fool-proof method to make sure that we would receive the necessities.

The truck arrived with 3 guys to unload half of our stuff - the leased house is half the size of our old house - and boxes began flying off of the truck. Toward the end of the unload, we started asking questions because a few key items were obviously the refrigerator and the chairs to our table.

Our driver was fantastic about describing how they use certain pieces of furniture to pack a semi load and it ends up that the fridge was an item they used in the 'storage' end of the were the chairs. The items weren't lost, just buried in a place where they could not get to them.

It was about this time when our contact for the gas utility company called and explained that there was no way they could run gas to the house before the following week. No refrigerator, no hot water or heat (it was a little cold for a few nights). Gas stove, too, so no way to cook except the microwave.

I knew we were going to need beer and showers, but the beer would be warm and the showers - cold. My insightful husband had extended our stay at the hotel and we shuttled back and forth sleeping at the house because there were animals to take care of and taking showers at the hotel. This continued 4 more days until they brought the fridge and the gas company was finally able to send a crew on that Wednesday.

By the time that was straightened out, we had unpacked most of the boxes and knew that things were missing. Unfortunately, the overflow truck was still MIA and we didn't know if the missing items/boxes were in the storage stuff by mistake or on the 2nd truck. We still don't know the answer to this question because the 2nd truck didn't arrive until...yesterday! So, the first truck left on 12/9 and the second truck arrived in our new town on 12/31.

Bugg's bed was on the second truck and with some prodding, they went and purchased and suitable stand-in. We will go tomorrow morning and pick through the stuff that just arrived to let them know what to bring to the house and what to crate up with our other stuff.

Other than all of the little bumps we've encountered, things are good here in LA. It doesn't seem like the economy has slowed which is a welcome change from our other town. The food is fantastic and my first warm weather Christmas left me smiling. Hubs and I sat on the porch in short sleeves and marveled at the warmth. It feels like home.

We were lucky enough to spend time with our oldest son (FOS - favorite oldest son) on the way down. I am hopeful that all of the kids will be here during Spring Break in March.

Happy New Year!