Monday, January 12, 2009

There's a lot to this moving thing

I've spent this morning making appointments - all sorts of appointments - for the dogs, the cars, the humans.

Moving can be exotic and exciting. An ongoing adventure, but there is that other side where you get lost, need referrals, or just want comfort of knowing where to get something in a hurry.

The puppies are all set with dates for a grooming and vet visit. I was lucky enough to find a Westie breeder right here in town. Get this, she is from Michigan and was able to recommend a vet and groomer. There wasn't much time to chat and visit on the day she returned my call, but I plan to call back to explain that my new nail technician frowned upon taking a phone call at that particular time.

Car dealerships are pretty easy to get into and the last car is going in this week. It is still under warranty and I am grateful for that because sometimes the controls for the seater heater/cooler work and sometimes they don't. Great gadgets until they need fixing and then the wallet screams.

Hubs has necessary medical maintenance and has found a new physician, FYS's physical from his previous school is still good for now and he is set.

My dental process continues. It is a process that began over 5 years ago with a freak accident that left my upper jaw broken and many other injuries to be repaired over a long period of time. The providers were incredible and I doubt that such care could have been found anywhere else. The idea of leaving these doctors makes me a little nervous.

We are still dealing with the movers and missing inventory. My yarn swift is in box 100, but that particular box cannot be located. The swift is minimal compared to the other things that are missing. A delivery of what they have been able to find is impending. Something tells me they will show up just after I leave for an afternoon appointment.

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Anna said...

Good luck getting things organised properly!

I've tried responding to your comments over at my blog but my answers keep bouncing back...