Thursday, January 22, 2009

little bit of content

January's arrival has ushered in a bad case of start-itis. With the Whirligig vest near completion, I'm finding it nearly impossible to finish. It just seems to go on and on and on. Please, if you see a mistake in it, don't tell me - it was put there on purpose, I assure you.
Mitzi gifted me a birthday present in this little fabric bag. The design is lovely and the colors draw me in. Anyway, it's new use is as a project bag for the Sunday Scarf. The pattern is free with a yarn purchase and you can make the scarf with one skein. This is Nirvana, 92% merino, 8% cashmere. I've fallen in love with Carol Sunday's designs and lust after the Lotus Tee.
Needlework? Well, yes!
It has been awhile and it would be nice to share that some of my larger in process pieces are getting finished, but those are missing in the moving. They are safe, hopefully. Luckily, there were some smaller projects that made it and I've been wanting to begin them for years.

There is a nice needlework shop here in my new town and the people there are just lovely! There is a monthly stitch and it was much fun. I met around 15 new people and was able to get some stitching finished on the stocking above.

...a little more stitching

proof of my start-itis
It seems the only thing missing is a little spinning. Not to disappoint.
While grooming Edward last week, a little fiber just pulled off. He is almost to the point where he needs to be sheared. After it was collected, there was just enough to spin a little. This is 100% Angora from Edward and is the first I've spun. He is such a beautiful color! I have about the same amount from another grooming and will just add it on.
As for the weather, it is still nice 40-50-ish and the sun shines every day. Come on down - I'll make room for you and we will knit and spin all day long. I miss you, my friends.


Walden said...

I definitely understand the startitis, I have a horrible case of it myself. The cross-stitch looks very nice, never had that patience for it myself.

Elysbeth said...

The little pink cloud sheep picture is darling! Glad there is life after moving.