Friday, August 28, 2009


Hubs has been traveling for work this week and has to be away next week too. This is the longest stretch that we've been apart and I don't like it one bit.

When we are together all of the time, we take each other for granted and there is nothing like a big dose of lonely to make you realize what you've got and how much it is missed.

He does lots of little things to help out. He knows: I hate to empty the dishwasher and need my coffee ready every morning (via timer, but hey...). That I never hear the dog in the middle of the night when she needs to go out. He jumps right up if I think I hear a noise outside and willingly attacks all of those little gross jobs like cleaning up after the dogs if they have a bad day or hauling off whatever animal croaked on the pool deck. He is missed the second I realize that I have to do everything that normally gets accomplished plus these 'little' things that get heaped on top.

I miss him most when there is an interesting story to share, something only we find funny to laugh at, and when a warm shoulder is needed while I fall asleep at night.

He is on his way home and I can't wait - I love this life!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Handspun - Merino/BFL/Silk

This fiber was easy to choose for spinning. I simply opened up the tub of fiber and this was on top.

I fell in love with the fluffy ball immediately and wish more had been purchased at the time. It was from a fiber festival in Michigan last year - the same one where I got Delilah.

Coby Kopec had an incredible booth and this fiber was only one of many that caught my eye. Her Etsy shop is cleared right now for festival season, but I encourage you to look through her sales and find something that you just have to have.

The smaller skein and little ball above is left over and cable (Navajo) plied for practice.

The main hank is 262 yards of 13 wpi and I love it!

I wonder what will come out of the fiber bin next.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've had such an amazing week. There are small things that I experienced and they left me smiling as I sit and compose this post now.

Tuesday night was spent at my LYS for Knit Cafe. There was a large crowd, each working on their own piece of knitting or crochet. Surprisingly, I didn't knit that much myself. I visited and enjoyed seeing a friend that I hadn't seen for a little bit. There was contemplation on the subject of a knitting cruise, too. I've never gone on a cruise and have a little trouble with seasickness. The queasy feeling that attacks my stomach and head never strays far from my mind (ferries). Anyway, I'm doing the cruise and am excited about it. There is a whole year in which to plan my knitting projects!

Mid-week was uneventful, but on Friday I decided to drive over to Baton Rouge. On our way to New Orleans last month, I stopped at a sweet knit shop to get a needle. Obviously, this shop was worthy of further exploration and there was a new project nagging at me. The ladies at the shop were w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l and I sat for quite awhile just chatting with them. One patron had lived in Indiana, another was from Michigan (we both agreed that being here in Louisiana is like being on vacation every day). One of my new friends was game for lunch. As we talked, we realized that we had experience in the same line of work.
Afterward, J Jill took my debit card hostage and sent me on my way with some much needed warm-weather clothes.

Last night, I knit the final piece into Swirlin'. It seems like it's been so long since this project was cast-on. The ends need to be woven and it will be blocked before making a photo debut.

There are still a couple of wips that should move on quickly now that this one is nearly finished. I've really been itching to start a pair of socks.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


One tradition we have is to take a photo the first day of every school year. The kids would probably say that they do it to appease me and that it isn't that important to them. Secretly, I think they like it just as much.

FYS usually scowls when I ask to take a photo of him (don't sneak one, he gets angry). When I announced that it was time for his first day photo he selected the backdrop and nearly bounced in place, even smiling (yes, smiling) for the shot.

He is the baby. A Junior this year which means I have but one more 'first day photo' left. College photos will not be realistic because I won't be able to focus between the tears.

What I have realized is how important the few traditions we celebrate have helped ground us. Silly first day photos have been taken regardless of our location or the weather since always and that brings me comfort.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

we went down to New Orleans

Whew! Exhaustion.

Bugg leaves next weekend for Kentucky and school for FYS will resume the following week. A trip to New Orleans was in order and we were manned with an itinerary that would blow anyone's socks off. There isn't a check mark by everything planned, but we made most of them.

Cafe du Monde is always a favorite and FYS agreed to smile for a photo

We happily posed for our photographer

...who took her own picture

This is the first time we had visited the Audubon Zoo. It was very hot and humid, but they have plenty of well-placed mist hoses and air conditioned buildings to cool you off.

The giraffe area was incredible

The aquarium offered interest one afternoon when it rained
this albino alligator gave me the creeps and the kids are still taking bets as to whether he was real or not

sharks swim fast

and I gave up trying to get a whole photo

FYS loved the sea horses and this one posed

The sting ray tank was mesmerizing

Do you realize it has been 4 years since Katrina left a good majority of New Orleans under water? When we walk through the French Quarter, it seemed like everything is going well and things are back to normal. During the Gray Line bus tour, we found out different.
Our tour guide was a New Orleans native who evacuated for over 4 months after the storm. He provided wonderful information as well as descriptions of specific causes for the flooding. I did not take photos during the tour, but listened intently as our guide described the meaning of the 'x' left on so many homes still today. It was sobering to realize that first responders could only reach the second level of some homes in the first week after Katrina hit. They left their 'x' on upper stories indicating that the had not entered some structures. A month later, lower level 'x's indicated they had searched after the water had subsided only to find fellow Americans who had perished. You can drive by these houses and know from the street that people suffered before passing as a result of flooding, storm surge, heat, or lack of basic necessities.
We were able to understand that many major retailers have not returned leaving a devastated area lacking in options for nearby replenishment of the everyday needs we've taken for granted. I wonder how these residents have coped in the last 4 years in the loss of their homes, loneliness for the family and friends who chose not to return, lack of vegetation from the salt water, and limited ability to walk around the corner to their favorite store or hangout.
As we continued, we saw a major theme park sitting silent in the distance. It, too, had sat in the water for days/weeks and has been abandoned. Our tour guide explained that the city had priorities in what should be repaired or demolished and that they would eventually get around to restoring these types of things. It was clear that it would be awhile even now as there is so much left to be done first.
There are success stories of stores that have returned and it left me wondering if there isn't something that we can all do...
Everyone knows that Brad Pitt (and Angelina) have a home in the French Quarter, right? I have read heartwarming stories of the work Brad has put together for the residents most effected. Our tour took us right by the area where his sponsored rebuilding continues. Although we did not experience a 'Brad Pitt sighting', we did find a stand-in for one scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The nighttime scene when Daisy dances for Benjamin was filmed in City Park. City Park was a complete delight and we fell in love with everything about it.
All in, we all agree that this was a great trip to experience. It seems a small contribution to be a tourist and spend money in New Orleans to help their economy, but every little bit counts. If you decide to visit, there is so much more to see and do besides Bourbon St. Take a tour, see the Garden District, eat at Camilla Grill, and ride the Trolley cars.

Don't forget to let the good times roll!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Addicted to spinning

The Tour de Fleece definitely reactivated my spinning bug.

Two little balls of fiber were located in my stash and there was just a small bit of time to spin.

I wish I had taken photos of the fiber. It was a creamy white with a tiny amount of black running through it.

It was immediate love! The fibers were long and soft but the exact fiber has escaped me - research is coming because more of that fiber will make this spinner very happy.

93 yards of very pleasing Aran weight yarn called 'Hint of Gray'. for my next subject...