Friday, August 28, 2009


Hubs has been traveling for work this week and has to be away next week too. This is the longest stretch that we've been apart and I don't like it one bit.

When we are together all of the time, we take each other for granted and there is nothing like a big dose of lonely to make you realize what you've got and how much it is missed.

He does lots of little things to help out. He knows: I hate to empty the dishwasher and need my coffee ready every morning (via timer, but hey...). That I never hear the dog in the middle of the night when she needs to go out. He jumps right up if I think I hear a noise outside and willingly attacks all of those little gross jobs like cleaning up after the dogs if they have a bad day or hauling off whatever animal croaked on the pool deck. He is missed the second I realize that I have to do everything that normally gets accomplished plus these 'little' things that get heaped on top.

I miss him most when there is an interesting story to share, something only we find funny to laugh at, and when a warm shoulder is needed while I fall asleep at night.

He is on his way home and I can't wait - I love this life!

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Jeanne said...

I understand exactly how you feel - my husband is the same way, and when he's not here things are just not right. I'm glad that he's on his way home!