Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've had such an amazing week. There are small things that I experienced and they left me smiling as I sit and compose this post now.

Tuesday night was spent at my LYS for Knit Cafe. There was a large crowd, each working on their own piece of knitting or crochet. Surprisingly, I didn't knit that much myself. I visited and enjoyed seeing a friend that I hadn't seen for a little bit. There was contemplation on the subject of a knitting cruise, too. I've never gone on a cruise and have a little trouble with seasickness. The queasy feeling that attacks my stomach and head never strays far from my mind (ferries). Anyway, I'm doing the cruise and am excited about it. There is a whole year in which to plan my knitting projects!

Mid-week was uneventful, but on Friday I decided to drive over to Baton Rouge. On our way to New Orleans last month, I stopped at a sweet knit shop to get a needle. Obviously, this shop was worthy of further exploration and there was a new project nagging at me. The ladies at the shop were w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l and I sat for quite awhile just chatting with them. One patron had lived in Indiana, another was from Michigan (we both agreed that being here in Louisiana is like being on vacation every day). One of my new friends was game for lunch. As we talked, we realized that we had experience in the same line of work.
Afterward, J Jill took my debit card hostage and sent me on my way with some much needed warm-weather clothes.

Last night, I knit the final piece into Swirlin'. It seems like it's been so long since this project was cast-on. The ends need to be woven and it will be blocked before making a photo debut.

There are still a couple of wips that should move on quickly now that this one is nearly finished. I've really been itching to start a pair of socks.


Jeanne said...

A knitting cruise! How nice!

Always nice to find a good yarn store - what did you buy?

The scarf is really beautiful - can't wait to see it more closely.

Walden said...

Can't wait to see it all blocked out, it's going to look great!

becky c. said...

That scarf looks so great! No one will believe it is hand knitted.