Thursday, August 13, 2009


One tradition we have is to take a photo the first day of every school year. The kids would probably say that they do it to appease me and that it isn't that important to them. Secretly, I think they like it just as much.

FYS usually scowls when I ask to take a photo of him (don't sneak one, he gets angry). When I announced that it was time for his first day photo he selected the backdrop and nearly bounced in place, even smiling (yes, smiling) for the shot.

He is the baby. A Junior this year which means I have but one more 'first day photo' left. College photos will not be realistic because I won't be able to focus between the tears.

What I have realized is how important the few traditions we celebrate have helped ground us. Silly first day photos have been taken regardless of our location or the weather since always and that brings me comfort.


stacy said...

How fast time goes by. It really does seem like he was just a baby. Its hard to believe my little baby girl aka "kimberly kayla" started school this week. I also got plenty of pictures that day. Hope all is well.

WonderWhyGal said...

My kids are in elementary so I can only imagine your melancholy watching your baby grow up. I've always loved those first day photos. Thanks for sharing.

woolies said...

I have a junior in high school too. What a great idea - first day photos.
any my other son is now a freshman in high school.
I'm really not sure how that is possible.

PS the mother snake is lurking in the shadows MUHAWAHAHAHAHA! (I hadn't thought of the mother - do they lay eggs and leave them? Is there a nest nearby? be still my heart)

Jeanne said...

My baby is a senior in high school this year - and its amazing to me how fast they grow up!