Thursday, January 10, 2008


My Knit Bud and I finally met last week for the first time since the Holidays - what a wonderful time I had just visiting.
She really loved Bugg's bird mittens and gushed tremendously, so a pair for her were added to my queue.
They've been started and are named 'Mitzis' in honor of my good bud.
She does read my blog Hello so the fact that these are for her will not be a surprise. The surprise will be if I get them finished by her birthday next week.

I just have to share - during the Holidays, Mom was reloading her scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner. I was interested and she swears that it does work...but $20 +/- for this gadget?
Hunting for coupons proved unfruitful - full price?
Turns out Wal-Mart had it for $14.00 (SOLD!) **side bar - there was a coupon in the box for $3 off another one!**
It works immediately if you clean/scrub the shower first OR it will work in 2 weeks on a dirty shower. Me thinks it can be sped up by just running it over and over again 14 times (=2 weeks, right?). Scrubbing the shower by hand was unappealing, especially because the kool-aid dye experiment was scheduled for yesterday.
You will get a report back when results begin to show. It may take longer because the attachment was missing from the box - you know, the one that moves up and down the shower walls sucking all of the gunk off?

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