Monday, January 28, 2008

Mittens for Mitizi aka what I finished today 1/28/2008

Mitzi's Birthday Mittens are only one week late!

We are supposed to get more snow this week so it may be cold enough to give them a try. Temptation to add little eyelashes and a pearl necklace was barely resisted. The bird does have a little bead eye, though.

On the fiber front, I've decided that this is 'I Love My Mailman Day'. On occasion, he brings things that I actually this roving dyed especially for me. Briar Rose roving? I must be the luckiest girl in the world!

My spinning skills must continue to improve to be Briar-Rose-Worthy!

A little bird popped an e-mail in my inbox hinting at the fact that a finished Froggy may be in my future. Tomorrow will be the day if it is going to happen. I would really love to learn to make them myself because there is a little penguin and a lion that are pretty cute too. Crochet in my future does not look promising!

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