Friday, January 04, 2008

My exercise regimen for 2008

Wow! The holidays sure pack on the pounds!

Santa dropped off Dance Dance Revolution for the kid's game system. It seems easy enough while watching and it gets easier with a little practice. Realization settled in quickly that my body is not as young or in shape as it used to be.

An idea! This would be a fun exercise regimen (trust me, it makes you sweat). Have fun and loose the cookie pounds at the same time - sounds good.

For now, I am a closet DDR user. The kids just laughed and laughed. They should watch out, though - after a few week's practice I will be able to dance their butts off!

Now, where did I put that candy bar....

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HomeMadeOriginals said...

My son and his wife have a game like this and I felt like a total klutz trying to do it. But as you say, perhaps practice makes perfect! I think I'll stick with tennis for my exercise.