Friday, January 25, 2008

Ways to skin a frog

A little frog has been driving me crazy! This guy has been on my mind since reading about him on Brooke's site last week.

My crochet skills can best be described as: limp, drag the hook; limp, drag the hook... However, there is this friend who I am lucky enough to have and she is a crochet fiend. We met to 'knit' today and she was presented with a pattern and yarn to 'help' me start Mr. Frog. She got him started and turned over the controls to LDH (Limp Drag Hook). I promptly butchered him over and over again. Mr. Frog pattern went home with Stitcher Bomb.

Enter dream sequence: Next week, when we meet to knit, Stitcher Bomb enters carrying a finished Froggy!

Yoooo Hoooo, SB, are you reading?

Reinforcing seams

Mitzi snuck away yesterday to have dinner and it was a much needed visit. During the past many months, we have discussed ideal materials to use when reinforcing seams in knit garments. The goal was to make it to JoAnn's today and see if they had our ideal product for Mitzi's top with raglan sleeves (I didn't make it there, sorry...). The photos above are of a sweater utilizing what may very well be the perfect solution.

Sharing this photo with you is the next best thing to actually touching it. Be Sweet yarn is VERY nice and I've often admired it from afar. Can you believe my friend, SB, gifted me this today? Oh my goodness, it is so fabulous and I am a lucky, lucky girl!
One pair of Bird in Hand mittens coming right up!

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Anonymous said...

SB here, Dr. Frochet of these here parts. I brought the victim back to life and he is ready to shtuff! Emergency operation a success! Bring your finest fiberfill and needle to the Grand Blanc M.A.S.H. unit! He's almost ready to go home!! SB