Wednesday, January 02, 2008

When I win the lottery

The newspaper covered yet another story about a lottery winner who plunged into certain doom after winning.

Hubs and I participate in the Hillbilly* Retirement Plan - we buy lottery tickets most every week for the major lottery in our State. We have won a free ticket on occasion, but our retirement plan remains largely unfunded by any lottery winnings.

Stories of those who have won significantly (at least $1,000,000. qualifies for significant for these purposes) convey tales of woe, but that does not make me think about how winning would destroy our lives. I remain certain that things for us would be very different and the hope remains that someday the opportunity to prove such will present itself.

Top 10 Things I will do when we win the lottery in no particular order:
1. Buy 1 (at least) of everything from Williams-Sonoma (Hubs knows about this and supports my desire)
2. Hire someone to open our mail and 'deal' with the beggers
3. Become a silent partner in a small business venture
4. Support a charity of our choice
5. Pay a personal shopper to find some jeans that make my butt look great
6. Finish my dental work, pay for it myself, then hire an attorney to sue BC/BS to get the money back
7. Spend the rest of Winter in a warm location
8. Invest significantly
9. Become debt free
10. Take time to organize all of my yarn so I can find what I want when I need it

*This comment is not designed to insult or demean any Hillbilly. I am half Hillbilly and Hubs feels certain he is all Hillbilly thus we are legit in making this statement.


becky c. said...

At my house they are called "rednecks". Hubby is one and I have achieved honorary status since I can speak the lingo as needed. :)

Anonymous said...

I share your Williams-Sonoma obsession! No wonder we're pals!! p.s. you will never outdo The Dance (I'm sorry, but it's the truf!!) :)