Friday, February 01, 2008

Keep moving forward

The worst part of having a daughter who is about to graduate is the thought of scrapbooking. Seriously, scrapbooking does not run in my family and it apparently will not begin with my generation.

My friend, Jane, answered the call to help. We get together, she gives me ideas and sends me away with 'homework'. I come home, pile the stuff in my designated scrapbook area and grab my knitting needles. Just like real homework, I panic the night before we are meeting again in realization that the homework was never even started.

With today's snow keeping the kids home today, Bugg was roused early and we managed two pages - and they are 'finished' (are scrapbook pages EVER finished?) well before my next meeting with Jane.

Spending time with Bugg was fun. A couple of things are apparent to both of us: Our first attempt is adquate enough for us, we will not win any scrapbooking awards, and the talent to scrapbook has probably not started with Bugg. The quality of photos did not help at all. The pictures from this dance were taken with an old camera and all of the shots were orange-y and blurry.

We are not panicked, though. Most of our photos are digital and my new favorite website is Picaboo. With their help, it is pretty certain that the books will be finished in time.

Let me take a moment to thank God for giving me substancially more efficient fiber skills as opposed to paper skills. Whew! That was a close one.

The Chantal cardigan is coming right along - the back is finished and now there is more Fisherman's Rib coming...

Morning Glory is progressing more quickly.

I've determined it is not so smart to knit on this baby while trying to watch something interesting on television.

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