Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweet Sweet Georgia

Ravelry is truly a work of art...and I really need to donate in order to being showing my appreciation! It amazes me that I can want something, post ISO (in search of) on a message board, and have knitters respond offering to solve my need... ok, WANT.

For instance, I ran across the Sweet Georgia message board last week. Man I've wanted to see, feel, possess some of this yarn for so long. I began casually searching for it about 18 months ago - seriously! Die hard knitters probably know about this yarn and the limited availability. Word is, 'Georgia' took a hiatus from dying, but is said to be slowly returning. Anyway, the discussion thread was 'Where to get more Sweet Georgia' - my reply was to the nature of hey, I have found my FIRST Sweet Georgia yet.

This is where those fantastic Ravelry-ers come to your rescue. Gravityvp sent me a Ravel-gram offering up some of her stash - Thank you, Rebecca! Soon, my very own Sweet, Sweet Georgia will arrive. It may not be knit up immediately, but it will do fine to just sit and be until I bring myself to cast-on.

Thanks to Ravelry, much stash has flown out the door. In my quest to find the perfect knitting bag, I've fallen hopelessly in love with the Namaste Malibu bag. It holds a ton of stuff. The color is perfect and this may be the perfect knit bag for me. Whenever Bugg walks by it, she tries to take it for her own - don't worry, Pink and me - we're stickin' tight!

Another favorite of mine - Etsy proved fruitful this week as well. One of my favorite shops - Home Made Originals listed this adorable Ipod case. Bugg's nano fits perfectly!

My collection of recycled sweaters has grown with the intention of making something(s) special and that is one of my goals for this year-we'll see how that goes.


HomeMadeOriginals said...

Thanks for posting/showing my IPOD case. This was so much fun to make, I hated to see it go, though I don't have a Nano to fit it.

becky c. said...

I have never heard of Sweet Georgia and now I'm going to pretend you didn't mention it. La,la,la,la,la, can't hear you!!

Alice said...

Thanks for the pics of the Namaste bag! They make me want to buy one even more... I was having a hard time deciding between the Laguna and the Malibu but I think your pictures put me over the top for the Malibu!