Monday, February 18, 2008

More Lemon Cake!

Sort of lemon cake. Not the lemon cake of my dreams, but the man who brought it for me is! Hubs knows how Wendy's lemon cake tart made my mouth water and he dug up a little something to help. I've avoided making a whole cake because then someone needs to eat the whole cake...I am weak!

Bugg and I kept an early appointment to have her prom dress altered. After the seamstress pinned it, she tried on a different dress and it was THE dress. I could try to explain, but let me just show you

This is just a quick photo, but the 'white' areas are rows of rhinestones - beautiful!

Must run now - only 10 rows left on the Briar Rose Morning Glory! This means photos will be coming soon!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

What a beautiful dress! Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

Lisa said...

Ok, where can we meet up that has killer lemon cake? It is one of my favs too! I crave the stuff like crazy!