Sunday, February 10, 2008

Enough already

Come on, man - lighten up already, we're freezing down here!

Obviously, these photos have been taken from the safety of my own home. I would love to say we're nice and toasty, but everything feels cold!

That heater my brother put up on the enclosed deck must burn dollars - our heating bill for last month was.....$985.00.

How else would you want to spend a cool grand? I can think of a few ways. Just another reason (on the already long list) to move to a more temperate climate ***Honey, are you reading?***

It's been brought to my attention that my cover has been blown and some of the peeps at my last place of employment (Hub's current place of employment) read my blog.

Hello Hey Marty! Didn't know you cared. Just know I'm thinking of you while you're working on that stuff I left for you in your 'file'. wink wink, we both knew....

Marty asked for photos of Bugg and FYS who attended the Sadie's Hawkins dance last night. Bugg, with a new fellow and FYS (Freshman) with a Senior girl...


Want to see the dress?

This post seems a little long so I will end with a shot of this Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing that arrived last week. Let me warn you, the colors shown are no where near the richness of the actual hues. This skein sits on my desk and catches light from the window, I pick up the camera and snap a shot and it never captures the true beauty. Trust me, it is incredible.

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HomeMadeOriginals said...

I miss those days of the school dances with my kids, great photos. Thanks for purchasing my nano case, I hope you love it as much as I do. I came home for lunch and discovered it had sold, so I'm dropping it off at the post offoce on my way back to work.