Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lots going on

The birthday celebration went off with a bang. FYS declaired that "him mom makes the best cherry-chip cake in the world". Many thanks to Betty Crocker for that little feat. Candles were in short supply, but a '1' was dug up and FYS was content that we think he is #1...

Bugg has been waiting patiently (not) to hear news of her college application status. Her first pick results rolled in today:

That little smile reflects a little of the excitement that was followed in an impromptu dance. She got in!

Fiber-y News:

Look it-

Lisa had a blog contest and I won a prize! Check out this pencil corriedale roving from Crown Mountain Farms. She also embellished this notebook with adorable ribbons. Both are favorites! Thank you Lisa, I love my prize and hope to spin well enough to do this incredible roving justice.

Morning Glory is halfway there. What a clever pattern. Let's hope the second half goes as quickly as the first!

Cupid shot an arrow when this cute little vest was found...yes, found. I did not knit it, but someone did and it is cute. It was also on sale at a price you could not make it for.

I am thinking this may need to become a somewhat modified pattern in the future.

But enough - I want to share about a new project that is near to my heart (and a lot more important than a sweater vest).

The desire to give back has descended upon me. It has been manifested in a donation drive to benefit The Hope Lodge. You can participate as soon as the donation links are established - until then, please visit the blogsite established for this effort for updates and don't forget to tell all of your friends. Truly gifted designers and knitters have been so willing to support this effort - their links are on the blog.

Today is a good day!

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