Saturday, July 05, 2008

Satisfaction in completion

This week has been very good to me. The Zombie socks were a breeze to knit and fit well - they will go into the sock drawer for Bugg around Halloween. Some sort of sock counter or gauge for my sidebar would be nice. There should be 8 pair for Bugg and we are up to 3...I need to get knitting!

I know another pair of Zombies are in my future as soon as enough yarn for FYS's size 15 feet is acquired. He loves handknit socks.

Chris gifted me The Eclectic Sole and there are quite a few patterns that call to me. Some discussion has been had about the preference of patterns having 64 stitches, but I will look further into that once it is time to cast-on for one of the patterns. No decision has been made on the next endeavor, but some ideas are floating around

The Northern Lights is finished - yay!

This skein hung balanced immediately and feels so heavenly. I am in love!

567 yards of fabulous fiber. I started spinning it on 6/22/08 and finished 7/4/08. Pretty dedicated for me, but it went so quickly being pencil roving and it was difficult not to obsess.

There was no goal in particular for this handspun, it was just enjoyable to relax and experience pencil roving for the first time.

The only two wip's now are the Ring of Lace and the Feather and Fan Shawl.

Ring of Lace is most likely be finished over vacation. The F&F shawl languishes for reasons that escape me. With a lot of car travel coming up, it may be finished before winter.

We had company last week - my grade school friend who moved to California when we were Freshman in High School, her 3 little boys, and my dad. More on that later.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Kim, your socks are beautiful and your yarn lovely. Isn't it a thrill when it ends up well balanced? YEA!