Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family time

The weather is gorgeous! It is incredibly quiet for the first time this week. Bugg and I dropped the boys off for a fishing adventure this morning before slipping off to a French bakery for breakfast. The food was incredible.

Driving didn't go as poorly as anticipated. Shoving a 15 year old 6'3" boy into a car and driving for 9 hours worried me, but it all went well. Hubs doesn't like stopping once on the road, but years with Bugg and I have worn him down. We stayed overnight and ended up near Asheville the next morning (a great plan, eh?). Asheville is one of my favorite places for so many reasons. An added destination was the fanciest McDonalds in existence. Bugg had just seen on a television show that previewed various McDonald locations and they covered this one one in Asheville. Bugg and FYS posed for a photo and both smiled. Either McDonalds can bring teenage siblings together or they were just happy to be taking a break from the car.

We were just across the street from the entrance to the non descript that we had driven past many times and never known it was there. It would have been nice to have extra time to visit with Hubs and FYS. Bugg and I had such an incredible experience there over Spring Break.

Just so it happens, Yarn Paradise is just down the block from there. Someone had the insight to put a fly fishing shop next door to it which made my plight a bit easier.

Bugg nabbed some Malabrigo Lace in an apricot color and my choice was a bright violet blue. There were a few more purchases, but nothing very large this time. This yarn store is incredible and there is always something different to admire.

FYS finally chose some yarn for a pair of socks. His feet are so huge that it will take awhile and much dedication. This is a shot under the table of his foot next to Bugg's. Her feet are a size 8 1/2. He desperately wanted some bright yellow yarn, but was persuaded to settle for some Berroco Comfort Sock in a nice blue-grey.

With all of the driving time, lots of knitting has happened. The bolero will be finished once blocked and buttons are located.

Bugg's dorm pillow is coming along, but the loops are a pain.

The main focus has now been the Ring of Lace. The yarn is yummy to work with and it is small enough to take along when the kids are playing tennis.

We are taking a break from major activity today. Bugg has overdone it with tennis a little and my body is just plain tired from the extra activity. The beach is calling to us and we are off for a nice walk along the waves.

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HomeMadeOriginals said...

Oh, have a wonderful time knitting and vacationing!