Monday, July 28, 2008

More spinning and the yellow jersey

The prizes were posted for the 2008 Tour de Fleece and I get to share the yellow jersey for completing my goal. Spinning for this event gave me 688 yards of yummy yarn from Briar Rose Fibers roving in a beautiful green-blue. More importantly, confidence is gained in my semi-beginner spinning capabilities.

This fiber was off the wheel for less than a day when a tug to put more fiber on began. I really wanted to spin some buttery soft pencil roving gifted from Lisa awhile back, but there was a whole basket of mill end roving, drafted, sitting in front of me. The decision to experiment with this fiber had been made long ago and it was to be spun thick and thin then plied with thread.

I give you the results: This one is Straw into Gold plied with gold thread and after the bobbin was full, the rest was plied with wine colored thread becoming Straw into Wine

71 yards of gold; 59 yards of wine

Intertwined has given me all kinds of creative ideas about techniques to try. Traditional yarn spinning won't be abandoned, but the creative side of me is cooking up some interesting techniques.
Edited to add better photos of gold and wine

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Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn! Congrats on your yellow jersey!