Monday, July 21, 2008


It would be nice to proclaim myself rested after vacation, but that is never the case. It was an incredible feeling to climb into my own bed last night, but insomnia set in quickly. Miss Kitty was lonely after being left for a week on her own. She is Bugg's cat, but has adopted Hubs and I since KC has arrived on the scene. Anyway, Kitty stood at our door and meowed all night long -OMG! She was so annoying. Usually, I can pick her up and love on her for a bit and she returns to a normal state, but not last night - the resulting bags under my eyes are the proof! You think she could have just been let in and have been quiet, but a theory has developed that she may be contributing to my allergy issues.

Sleep was definitely on my list of to-do's because the plan was to tackle the second half of my Tour de Fleece goal. Did I ever officially state that? My goal is to spin the entire hunk of yummy Briar Rose Merino that Chris gifted me a few months back. Half of it was finished before vacation and with 6 days left, I think I can...I think I can.
There are finished projects and they will be posted later. My mailman is bringing all of our mail from the last week and there are packages....I love my mailman!

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