Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fleecy Peloton?

Have you read about the Tour de Fleece? I finally made time to officially join today, but did begin with the rest of the spinners on July 5th.

My machine of choice, of course, is Georgia. Georgia and I have been practicing for an event such as this and she is well tuned. Her parts have been oiled and she was ready to roll in a moment's notice.

The chosen fiber has, admittedly, not been in my stash for that long. However, it was there and so qualifies as spinning from stash. The lovely fiber is merino dyed up by Chris especially for me. Gifts such as this are to be treasured!

...I know what you're thinking 'that is a big hunk of merino, can she possibly spin it by July 27th?'

Well, maybe, under normal circumstances - but we're leaving for vacation.

So, I've set my goal at a pretty manageable level. I will complete the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth stages, take my break days all in a row at the beach, then return to ride into Paris down Champs-Élysées to finish.

True to any great sporting event, there should be photos...

Stage One... 25% of fiber drafted

Stage Two...We're making progress!

Stage Three...MORE roving?

Stage Four...25% spun (not well, but it is spun!)

But...the Tour is on stage 5 today...

They are! Georgia and I suited up early and we're off!

Stage Five requires us to spin this today:

I must say, the food breaks consisting of ice cream and smores have really kept us in shape!


becky c. said...

Look at you go!!! Your wheel is so pretty with the dark wood finish.

Holly said...

Heh-yeah, I just finished up a Coke float. I feel energized!