Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Babies need hats

A good friend just became an Aunt again. When her sister found out that she was having a baby girl and my reaction was, "oh, she will need a hat."

The baby was born about 2 months ago (ashamed, I admit that I don't know the baby's name) and it seemed about time to get that hat finished...

Bully Woolies has created Knit Kit In a Box and this came from their Tassel Tops in Grape Splash. It is a super quick knit and a great project to get your desire to knit colorwork going.
Note: Here is the link to Bully Woolies, but the site takes for-ev-er to load...even with high speed!

Knit in 100% cotton, this hat is sure to get use up until those winter-y breezes blow.

See it on Ravelry

Now might be a good time to start mom's Philosopher's Wool sweater!


becky c. said...

Cute hat!! Are you knitting one of the Philosopher's Wool sweaters from their book? That is my very favorite fair-isle book in the whole world

Jeanne said...

Cute hat!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Love the hat!

Kristy said...

This hat is adorable - and I should know - I've seen hundreds in the last two months! Awesome job on the colorwork