Friday, June 22, 2007

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.

Chris and I had been planning to meet and set-up yesterday's lunch a few weeks ago. I looked forward to it and had a wonderful time. Briar Rose KAL'er Jan came with Chris and it was so great to meet her - she is so nice! The trek home (with fresh Briar Rose Fibers in my trunk - say yeah!!!) passed quickly and I was able to spend time with Bugg in the afternoon.

--cut to the evening--

Mitzi and I haven't been able to have our regular KnitNite for a few weeks and we finally got together. Typically, we do not get much knitting done when we have missed a couple of dates and we spent much of our evening just catching up. It was peaceful sitting in her sun room with the breeze blowing and birds singing. Summer events will cut into these opportunities with Mitzi and I will miss them and always look forward to our next KnitNite.

Note to self: Take pictures of Mitzi's project(s)

I've swatched for the next project in the que. Wistful will be used to create Bugg's next item - the Lacy Cable Shrug from Briar Rose (of course!) Gauge was finally achieved and cast-on is tentatively slated for Sunday.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Clapotis - modeled by Bugg

...I don't think she is going to give my Clapotis back...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clapotis - modeled photos coming soon

..because the kids are still sleeping...

EVERYONE except for me must have finished a Clapotis...well, not anymore!

This Knitty pattern has sucked many a knitter in. I've stalked the Clapotis on blogs and read the woes of those who have began knitting it. Those testaments kept me at bay for a very long while.

Last month I spied a skein of Schaeffer Yarns Laurel in a small LYS. This skein had been fondled by me before and it drew me in again. Surprising because I am not a huge fan of cotton - especially mercerized cotton. On top of all of that, the colorway was Judy Garland - a garish display for my tastes. called to me (heh heh, you see where this is going). That skein and a friend of it's followed me home.

Over the weekend, the yarn crawled out of my yarn pile and sat on the table in front of me. We looked at each other for screamed Clapotis! I resisted, knowing full well that the color strands would lead to screamed back - CLAPOTIS!
I cast-on.

I now own a beautiful finished Clapotis! It is marvelous and drapey. This yarn was the perfect choice for me. The colors remind me of tye-dye...and I love them...yes, even the pooling! Best of all, this will be the perfect beach accessory - I will take pictures to prove it.

So...proceed with the photos but be warned: the following is not for the faint of heart. If you are
extremely adverse to pooling, get out now --- while you still can...

2 skeins Schaefer Yarns Laurel 100% mercerized pima cotton - Judy Garland; sz 7 needles

Friday, June 08, 2007

Catching up on the unfinished objects

The floor of my home office is covered with knit-things that are drying. The blocking process doesn't usually get away from me. A wonderfully knitted piece needs to be blocked to achieve it's ultimate glory.

This week has been both frustrating and enlightening. The Icarus Shawl that I am making from Briar Rose Forth of July progressed and I am ready to begin the final 20-some rows...I ran out of yarn. Google helped me determine that many knitters have started Icarus and few of those who have finished posted about their final yardage. I did find one site that seemed to support reasons for my dismay - she used 900 yards before the final chart! The goal will be to finish this shawl and weigh it for final yardage and then try to cut out some of those repetitive rows on the first chart to make this a manageable knit.

Project withdrawl nearly set it...but I had planned to finish up a few things once Icarus The Tilly Garden Shawl needs to have the knitted on border . I love this shawl. This is my first knit on border and I didn't do the math prior to getting to it. It has turned out well and the final corner is nearing. Tilly sat on my lap most of yesterday evening and family began talking to me, rows were taken out, Tilly was put aside. This may be finished today.

The Blocking

Zip neck vest knit from Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton - Navy: Began before vacation, dreaded until now. The front and back are finished and there is not much left to do.

Multi Directional Scarf knit from Rowan Tapestry: Finished months ago

Yet to block: Bugg's Eyelet Cardigan knit from Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton

...Oh, I wasn't really smoking that cigar (at least, I don't remember smoking it). That is a funny photo from our family trip to Washington, Vancouver, Victoria a few years ago.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tea Rose Tank and Eyelet Cardigan-modeled

These knits have been finished for some time and Bugg slowed down enough today to run by the camera!

Tea Rose Tank - modified from the Tea Rose Halter in the 2007 Summer Interweave Knits.

Made from Blue Sky Alpaca's Cotton Color 627 Flamingo. Small post info here

Eyelet Cardigan - Made from Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Color 81 Sand

I asked for a silly shot and wanted to share this last photo

...and then she was off to play tennis again!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Screwing up my knitting


Thrill overtook me when Chris asked for a sample in her Fourth of July. It is a shawl pattern I have wanted to knit and just haven't properly prioritized in my knitting projects.

The 2 hanks of yarn were fabulous, but not dead-on matches as those of us who love to knit with hand painted fiber know. This is something I know about, the precise moment when this fact burned itself into my brain is lost to me - but I KNOW.

Excitement over took me and I cast-on and knit and knit and knit some more. 3 days - 550 yards all knit wooohooo I was moving fast...(insert screeching halt here)! I realized that the second skein was not a dead-on match - big surprise? No...shock was not one of the emotions that I felt. Anger with myself was what I felt because I knew - I KNEW.

Gracious Chris offered to send more yarn so I didn't have to rip out 550 yards of progress (she's so sweet). Freshly through my meltdown, realization hit that if I did not do this right, it would haunt me all my knitting days (and I plan to have many of these). Out came the knitting - with out alcohol, I might add.

My original goal was to have this to Chris by the time she goes to Iowa...I am into the 3rd/5 repeat for the first chart...I think I can.


Kristy sent an e-mail earlier this week. She made my scarf for ISE3 and I have been so thankful for her friendship. She has had medical events for a long while and I am praying for her - please take a second and put her in your thoughts.

Last but not least

...a picture of Darby. I know, he needs a haircut!