Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tea Rose Tank and Eyelet Cardigan-modeled

These knits have been finished for some time and Bugg slowed down enough today to run by the camera!

Tea Rose Tank - modified from the Tea Rose Halter in the 2007 Summer Interweave Knits.

Made from Blue Sky Alpaca's Cotton Color 627 Flamingo. Small post info here

Eyelet Cardigan - Made from Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Color 81 Sand

I asked for a silly shot and wanted to share this last photo

...and then she was off to play tennis again!


Bebu said...

Hello, I just found your blog thourough Doulicia and just loved the eyelet cardigan. How can I get the pattern? Do I need to go to one of the stores listed on the website?

Thanks for your help.

Kniterella said...

Bebu - thank you for stopping by the blog. You can google Blue Sky Alpacas Eyelet Cardigan and purchase it from a number of retailers. If you have a local yarn shop, they may carry it as well. There is a correction on the Blue Sky website.

Kristy said...

Oh wow! The tank and the caridigan are both so lovely. AS ALWAYS you do beautiful work. I am so impressed. And your Bugg looks so lovely in both of them.

I think I favor the tank but that my well be because I am biased by the red yarn.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous young lady! May I adopt her and knit for her too????

Kniterella said...

I think you already adopted her! She thinks you're 'the bomb' too!

WandaWoman said...

Both the tank and the cardigan look wonderful. Your bugg is just so cute too. I like the Eyelet cardigan, but I'll definitely be making it longer. The cropped look is never good on me. Oh, and love the Clapotis too. I don't know what you'll be getting that one back!!