Friday, June 22, 2007

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.

Chris and I had been planning to meet and set-up yesterday's lunch a few weeks ago. I looked forward to it and had a wonderful time. Briar Rose KAL'er Jan came with Chris and it was so great to meet her - she is so nice! The trek home (with fresh Briar Rose Fibers in my trunk - say yeah!!!) passed quickly and I was able to spend time with Bugg in the afternoon.

--cut to the evening--

Mitzi and I haven't been able to have our regular KnitNite for a few weeks and we finally got together. Typically, we do not get much knitting done when we have missed a couple of dates and we spent much of our evening just catching up. It was peaceful sitting in her sun room with the breeze blowing and birds singing. Summer events will cut into these opportunities with Mitzi and I will miss them and always look forward to our next KnitNite.

Note to self: Take pictures of Mitzi's project(s)

I've swatched for the next project in the que. Wistful will be used to create Bugg's next item - the Lacy Cable Shrug from Briar Rose (of course!) Gauge was finally achieved and cast-on is tentatively slated for Sunday.

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