Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dear Friend (you know who you are)...

Dear Friend,

I need your help.

My daughter just informed me that scrapbooks will be needed for Graduation next year. Yes, yes, I knew they would be needed, but there is a class in school - it is required, even - in which an assignment exists for the student to make their own scrapbook. Actually, there WAS a class, the administration changed it (bummer). Ok, I am SO not a scrapbooker. I could knit her a cap and gown and offered, but she won't go for it. It must be a scrapbook ..er two.

Remember all of those card-making supplies I purchased? They are still shiny and new and could be used for scrapbooking, couldn't they? Oh, the thought of spending hours upon hours on this project makes me feel ill. I just spent 2 hours going through photos and my head hurts so bad I think it will fall off.

Maybe if I had help on just ONE page...if I could finish just one...maybe I could find the confidence I muster when diving into a knit project. I know you don't love to scrapbook and we've talked about dispensing with all of the extraneous hobbies we've accumulated to focus on our beloved few -- but it's my Bugg!!!

I've looked at the shops, perused the magazines, browsed the shops trying to pick up the tips -- I am going to need your help - any suggestions?

Pray for me - this is DEFINITELY going to impact my knitting agenda!


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