Friday, July 06, 2007

Finished Icarus Shawl

Icarus Shawl

Modeled by my Bugg

Yarn: Briar Rose Fourth of July2 1/2 skeins; asking Chris for an estimate on yardage according to weight

Size 6 needles

Blocked Measurements (HUGE) - approx 88" across top and 58" down middle
This shawl is huge, but I would not knit it on a smaller sized needle.
It is made according to the pattern from 2006 Summer Interweave Knits by Miriam Felton. Bugg and I liked the way it draped and how it stays in place when wrapped. I will be taking a couple of the first chart repeats out and re-making this in an attempt to squeeze it out of two skeins of Fourth of July.


Kristy said...

Oh Kim, this one is beautiful, too. Again, I am worried for you that she is going to run away to the handknit runway!

This yarn is lovely, too, as usual. You and Chris make a really magnificent team.

Brown Berry said...

Just fabulous. Fabulous!