Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Choosing the perfect yarn to knit on vacation...


Thoughts of perfect little skeins of yarn, balls of fiber, and hanks to be rolled have been dancing through my mind for days. The idea was to swatch and choose patterns before departing for vacation. I swatched some Tuscany from Briar Rose Fibers for my Retro Cardigan. It was such a fun knit that I've nearly completed it. Thoughts of only taking things that would become Christmas presents (for 2007 Christmas) seemed like a good idea, but I've settled on a nice mix.

L-R Back row: Briar Rose's Grandmother's Blessing, Knit Pick's Sock Memories in Smores colorway (really, I could swear I detected chocolate and graham cracker smells as this yarn was wound), Knit Pick's Sock Memories in Cape Cod colorway, -peeking from the left corner is my Swallow Tail Shawl began this week, Aqua colored Panda Cotton, Briar Rose's Grace (bagged), Bugg's Lacy Cable Shrug in Briar Rose Wistful, Down Front: Ella Rae Silkience and Shibu. If this isn't enough, the shopfinder will be very near - and the driver gets to choose the route, right?

Realistically, this will not all be knit during this vacation, but at least there will be plenty of of options and SOME sock yarn from the stash is travelling. Note: I simply could not wind any Koigu, Lorna's Laces or STR - seriously, it's like sacred yarn and it's being saved for a momentous occasion - what is wrong with me?

Conflicted - there are blogs I read every day. Some don't post every day, but there will be lots of knits going on while we're away and blog-withdrawl is setting in.

On another note

We planned a picnic for last Sunday. The weather was a little cool (hence the sweatshirt and long sleeves) and the picnic was moved inside. Throw down a homemade quilt, call the Colonel and voila!

It was a very nice day!

...Off to the shore.

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