Thursday, August 02, 2007

...We interrupt this vacation...

Being half-way into the vacation, a sense of peace surrounds me. No worry about trying to unwind after the long drive or anxiousness because the break is nearly over and it will be time to return to all that waits exists yet. My youngest son said it best today:

ME: (to hubs) What would you like to do today?
HUBS: I don't know, whatever you'd like.
SON: Let's just do more of the same.

Same= eat, go to the pool, go to the beach, eat

As predicted, we hit a couple of yarn shops along the way. Pictures will follow, but some lovely laceweight and Jade Sapphire cashmere followed me. My mom (not a knitter) decided to knit scarves for her friend's Christmas presents and is flying along on a garter stitch scarf. She also picked up some lovely yarn for a summer top...on which I am nearing completion. She chose a rose color of Cathay by Debbie Bliss. Youngest son tried to wrangle a pair of socks out of me yesterday, but changed his mind when told it would be a 'very long time' before those socks would fly off of my needles. Needless to say, little progress has been made on any of the projects which originally travelled with me.


A few weeks ago a drop spindle was calling my name. I've wanted to learn to spin for awhile and am mesmerized by the whirr of a spinning wheel. Not needing another expensive toy, I opted for the drop spindle. A very kind spinner (insert name later) helped get me started and I walked away with about a foot of spun fiber - that was spun by me! Once we return home, I think the waiting Romney will be spun away!

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Lisa said...

I would love to hear about your vacation. Somewhere in Michigan? What yarn shops did you visit?

Oh the spinning has you. There is no turning back now. Yay!