Thursday, August 30, 2007

A New Toy

"beep, beep"

I always, always, always have wanted a convertible - totally impractical for Michigan weather MOST of the time, but lately...

My convertible is cruising around most every day with whichever family member will indulge me and come along - fun - definitely more fun that I imagined. The feel of wind through your hair and the 'oneness' with the outdoors appeals to me - an outdoors girl at heart (ok, just warm weather outdoors).


The Briar Rose Retro Cardigan out of Tuscany is finished...well, the ends need to be woven in and some sweet buttons are being hunted. An original thought was to use the buttons pictured above, but I need 10 and only have 6 of these. I need to get some other projects finished and then beg Chris to dye something to use with these buttons.

Of course, a pair of socks are in the works - the Smores colorway of Knit Pick's Memories is knitting up much nicer than I would have thought. I can imagine the smell of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers drifting through the room when knitting these socks. As usual, everyone in the family is trying to position themselves as the recipient.

Other thoughts

With school coming into session, work again looms at my door. I've had a couple of meetings in the past few weeks, but the things they have for me to work on will take a lot more time. It is good to have knowledge that can help - I will try to maintain my focus on that aspect and not let the schedule rule my life.

A parting photo of Miss Kitty. She was adopted, but must be close to 13 years old now. She still finds the energy to chase the dogs and was stalking one of them via the stairway last week.

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Brown Berry said...

Congrats on the cool car acquistion!! I had to stop scrolling down to catch up because all that pretty yarn is too hard to resist!!