Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation knitting

How things stack up when a person goes away from home! The e-mail and postal mail has been tackled, work e-mail remains. The house needs a light cleaning and I haven't managed to unpack everything.
All in all, this was a great crafting vacation. My swallowtail shawl is finished and should be blocked today. My mom traveled with us and purchased yarn for a top on the way to the beach and it is nearly finished (pictures coming soon). Bugg has been working on cross stitch month blocks to be transformed into a quilt - mom finished one block, Bugg nearly has two under her belt and I...nearly finished one (honest, it is almost finished - I promise!). There was not time to knit up any of the other yarn that traveled from my stash, but new yarn did come home with me. Chris, being the sweetheart that she is, had two bundles waiting when we finally came back home - which made going through the postal mail a lot more enjoyable. There are projects assigned to both bundles!!!
My mom learned how to knit and is nearly finished with a garter stitch scarf. She has even tension that is pleasing to the eye. She may be addicted to knitting - time will tell. If she had a dropped stitch or an unknit stitch from the previous row, her scarf would magically appear on top of my project and be waiting for me when I returned from wherever I had gone. The mistake would get fixed and mom would happily take of knitting again...until the next one. Truthfully, she didn't have many mistakes and she was a trooper, counting the stitches at every row to make sure they were all present and accounted for. When we left her house to come home, she was beginning her final 12".

Bugg is a natural at knitting (keep it a secret she is a semi-closet knitter). Her stitches are very even and she picks up techniques quickly. She is working on two projects - a sock using Socks That Rock and a small shawl. She didn't get the 'finishing gene' from me, but is working pretty diligently on both projects.

It seems this post is growing a bit long, I will leave you with a couple of photos which makes me smile - Bugg and my Youngest!

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Susan Pandorf said...

Looks like you had a lovely vacation as well. How nic3e to share knitting with your mom. My mom loved all needlecraft and ran a needle arts store in downtown Indianapolis during her "retirement years."

As you can see, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Or in your case, the tree doesn't grow too far away from it's apple...