Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another holiday almost finished

How lucky are we? Getting to spend 3 weeks at the beach has been fabulous. I would have bet the feelings of being ready to go home would have set in by the end of the first week. You know-'ahhh, this has been a nice break but there will be two tons of mail (including yarn) waiting along with inches of dust and it is time to tackle those things' feelings. Instead, I find myself checking lottery numbers to see if we can schedule time with a realtor to pick out our multi-million dollar beach front home.

All of my friends know that the weather in Michigan is a struggle for me. The humidity of the South is welcoming and I embrace it readily. There are cold-weather people and beach people - I am a beach people! Encouragement exists in knowing that we won't always be in Michigan, yet after nearly 5 years I find myself restless. So, as I contemplate the return to Michigan (and Bugg's Senior year), the knowing thoughts of 5 months of cold weather and snow make me cringe. Snow and cold weather are not very functional for a beach person.

Cut to yesterday:

The boys went deep sea fishing yesterday and the youngest son reeled in a 4ft. nurse shark weighing approx. 180 lbs. He also caught a few miscellaneous other fish, but his shark was the largest of the day. Hubs snared one miscellaneous fish and was satisfied to see our son's catch.

Us girls drove to Charleston, SC for some sightseeing and shopping. It was the hottest day of the year and we went through bottled water quickly. Weather reports had the water temp in the Charleston Harbor around 86 degrees. We aimed for a horse-drawn tour, but the weather was too extreme for the horses to come out and play so walking was our mode of transportation. We really needed a couple of days in Charleston to go to a plantation and to visit Ft. Sumter.

---The lottery numbers were not in our favor and we'll be off to the beach in a few minutes.

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doulicia said...

I'm glad you got some time in the climate you love! I don't love humidity, but I can't imagine Michigan appeals to anyone other than native-borns (like me). My husband's from New York and even though he grew up with cold and snow, he hates Michigan winters because they're so gray.