Saturday, August 18, 2007

Swallowtail Shawl, more vacation, and upcoming yarn sale

One week ago today I woke up here. It is hard to remember the water being so blue and it beckons me. Now that our vacation is over, we think through what we did and what we wish we had done. Our friends came to visit one weekend from Florida and it was the second time we've seen them (Savannah in April). We had fabulous Thai food that night and were longing to pop over and have dinner there last night. Dining choices of that nature are non-existent here.

I didn't take many photos this vacation and that is one thing I wish was different.

...on to the shawl...

Swallowtail Shawl

Yarn: Zephyr Silk/Wool - Marine Blue

Size 4 needles

Note: Mine is a tad smaller than the pattern states. I should have used 5 needles

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shawl. It is the perfect size to use for work (once/if I return) and the color is amazing. The softness is indescribable.

Other Knitting

Mom's pink top is drying (still). I will take pictures before mailing, but am pretty certain this is one garment that will not look right unless modeled and those photos may take awhile to get.

Remember my Tilly Garden Shawl? The one with the knit on border? The border I winged without the math? Well, everyone knew that wasn't going to work but I charged forth. It wouldn't block and the border was removed. Some fancy math and swatching was done and the new and improved border is moving right along. Again, photos to come soon.

I picked up some lovely Handmaiden Sea Silk, Jade Sapphire Cashmere-Silk, and Prism Lace Wool - all in various colors of the sea. I find myself nearly content and almost overwhelmed by my staggering amounts of stash yarn. There are only two things I still long for 1) Handmaiden Silken and 2) ANYTHING that comes from Chris' shop. So....I've decided to perform a little de-stash and will be posting the yarn here on my blog first. It will take awhile to get through all of it, but there will be some good yarn - I promise! My goal is to get some posted mid-week.

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