Friday, March 23, 2007

Grins and giggles

Yes, I finally ironed a white shirt and took my vest to work with me. The colors are very nice together - 2 different colors of Briar Rose Earth Song worked well together.

One last picture of me with my braces...after 3 L O N G years, they come off on Monday!

Chris will begin her summer tour soon - be sure to check her schedule for an opportunity to appreciate her work in person. I am working on a plan to get to one of the shows myself. She has ruined me for all other fiber and I can't get enough!

My shawl was bound off and the edging is coming along nicely. Honestly, this is my first knit on lace edging for a shawl and I did not feel much like doing math to figure out how to get around the corners. The first corner has been accomplished and will block out nicely. I made notes so the other corners should be fine. For projects in the future I will probably take the time to figure it all out beforehand if only to relieve the stress around wondering.

Bugg's camera has been spending more time with me than with her. A new camera has been on my list for quite awhile, but there is always one feature or another that seems to be missing. When downloading my photos, I found this last shot of her and her Pop. The picture makes me smile whenever I see it and it needs to be shared.

We have wacky senses of humor and the grins are welcomed daily - the things the kids come up with are priceless!


Kristy said...

The vest is beautiful.

The shawl is magnificent - and I am so proud and impressed to see your work on the knitted on edge. I haven't tackled that knitting frontier yet.

Bugg & her Pop: Are those goggles from the tanning bed he is wearing? Great picture!

Kniterella said...

yes - those are tanning bed goggles...and they took the picture themselves! I married that man.