Thursday, March 15, 2007

Finished Legend sweater

I struggled to finish the sleeves...the front and back progressed quickly, but knitting both sleeves at the same time has positive points and negative. The negative being that it seems to take so dang long to finish and see results. Not to worry, I am SO pleased with this sweater and it is one of my most favorites!

After beginning to knit this with Legend, I worried that I may not have enough and ordered another batch...I've joked that I have enough of this yarn to make an entire wardrobe. So, I've started my shawl which was my original intention for this yarn.

Everyone was out of the house this morning, but I was able to take a few shots with the camera on timer.
My first Socks That Rock shipment came last week. The colorway is Monsoon and has greys, greens, and browns -VERY nice!
Negligence on my part posting the FABULOUS socks that Mitzi made me for Christmas! This is a teaser because the photos were taken on Bugg's camera and I haven't downloaded the files yet...a little something to look forward to for my next post!

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Kristy said...

Oh Kim, it is beautiful! Simply beautiful. I love the pattern and the fit and the way the colors move. The yarn is fabulous and you did a wonderful job! Can't wait to see the shawl.