Wednesday, July 11, 2007

De-stashing and Enough sock yarn to sock the world

The De-Stash

Slowly but surely I have started de-stashing - emphasis on s - l - o - w - l - y.

A bit was posted on E-Bay and then I checked the yarn closet to see what else might be in the realm of giving up. Giving my yarn away for a song is not appealing to me at all. The idea of a win-win situation always makes me happy, but there are some of us knitters out there that want the yarn for nearly FREE and I would rather it wait patiently for me until the year 2020 (this is completely possible, too). Anyway, I could only part with a small bit this time - maybe more later.

Update: Heh, Heh...Kristy goads me into posting a picture? (see comments) Not today! My hubs would certainly see that and when I ran into the sock deal of the century we would be at an impasse.

After vacation - in mid - August, I am thinking of posting some de-stash here on my blog to sell if anyone is interested. Until then, e-mail me with any sock yarn wishes you have and I will dig into the pile to see if I have it. Want to knit with Koigu? Seriously, this is stuff only shared with knitting friends!

Sock the World

Truly, there are folks out there who knit hoards of socks. I love socks - love to knit them, love to wear them, don't mind hand washing or blocking, but I knit lots of other things too. This is why I cannot understand the enormity of the amount of sock yarn I have amassed. Theory is that it is pretty affordable to get enough cool sock yarn to make a pair of great socks. All sock yarn (within reach) was layed neatly on the floor - the idea was to post a picture for you all to see. It was so utterly embarrassing that I quickly sacked it up and stashed it back into the yarn closet. It was decided with certainty that 1. none of THAT yarn was going anywhere and 2. more socks need to be knitted. It is all great sock yarn - Lorna's Laces, Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino, Socks That Rock, Koigu, Mountain Colors, Colinette's Jitterbug, Schaefer's Anne, Interlacement's Tiny Toes, some favorites hand dyed by pros that I dare not mutter - er, type.

So, a pair of socks WERE just finished (check previous post). That was out of Black Bunny that was nabbed off of EBay last month - while all this luscious goodness sat patiently waiting for me in the yarn closet, I purchased, received, wound yarn, and knit an entire new pair of socks. Nothing can justify the gluttonous behavior shown in the acquiring of such an amount of sock yarn! Guess what all my knitting friends can look forward to getting for their Birthday's and for Christmas...for many years to come!


Kristy said...

You are so cute! Seriously, show us the sock yarn. You know you wanna. (Plus, you know, we really want to see. We need to. It is good for the knitters as a whole to see the weakness of our compatriots.)

And why didn't you tell us that you had yarn on e-Bay? With your impeccable taste, I am sure there is something that I would be willing to buy and take off your hands. ;)

Anonymous said...

Um, my birthday is March 21st and if I were a wishing person, I would wish for KOIGU. Any and all of it! Bugg's Great Godmother!

Debbi said...

I made a Clapotis from 2 skeins of sock yarn. A quick easy stash buster! And there's a lot of STR Chevron scarves out here in cyberspace. Some yarns are just too pretty to hide under pantlegs.