Friday, June 08, 2007

Catching up on the unfinished objects

The floor of my home office is covered with knit-things that are drying. The blocking process doesn't usually get away from me. A wonderfully knitted piece needs to be blocked to achieve it's ultimate glory.

This week has been both frustrating and enlightening. The Icarus Shawl that I am making from Briar Rose Forth of July progressed and I am ready to begin the final 20-some rows...I ran out of yarn. Google helped me determine that many knitters have started Icarus and few of those who have finished posted about their final yardage. I did find one site that seemed to support reasons for my dismay - she used 900 yards before the final chart! The goal will be to finish this shawl and weigh it for final yardage and then try to cut out some of those repetitive rows on the first chart to make this a manageable knit.

Project withdrawl nearly set it...but I had planned to finish up a few things once Icarus The Tilly Garden Shawl needs to have the knitted on border . I love this shawl. This is my first knit on border and I didn't do the math prior to getting to it. It has turned out well and the final corner is nearing. Tilly sat on my lap most of yesterday evening and family began talking to me, rows were taken out, Tilly was put aside. This may be finished today.

The Blocking

Zip neck vest knit from Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton - Navy: Began before vacation, dreaded until now. The front and back are finished and there is not much left to do.

Multi Directional Scarf knit from Rowan Tapestry: Finished months ago

Yet to block: Bugg's Eyelet Cardigan knit from Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton

...Oh, I wasn't really smoking that cigar (at least, I don't remember smoking it). That is a funny photo from our family trip to Washington, Vancouver, Victoria a few years ago.

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doulicia said...

ACK! I haven't yet run out of yarn on a project, but I am nervous about my clementine shawlette. I should've weighed and divided the yarn first, but that presumes I own a scale!

I feel your pain at having to rip and redo. So sorry. ANd you were so close.