Friday, June 01, 2007

Screwing up my knitting


Thrill overtook me when Chris asked for a sample in her Fourth of July. It is a shawl pattern I have wanted to knit and just haven't properly prioritized in my knitting projects.

The 2 hanks of yarn were fabulous, but not dead-on matches as those of us who love to knit with hand painted fiber know. This is something I know about, the precise moment when this fact burned itself into my brain is lost to me - but I KNOW.

Excitement over took me and I cast-on and knit and knit and knit some more. 3 days - 550 yards all knit wooohooo I was moving fast...(insert screeching halt here)! I realized that the second skein was not a dead-on match - big surprise? No...shock was not one of the emotions that I felt. Anger with myself was what I felt because I knew - I KNEW.

Gracious Chris offered to send more yarn so I didn't have to rip out 550 yards of progress (she's so sweet). Freshly through my meltdown, realization hit that if I did not do this right, it would haunt me all my knitting days (and I plan to have many of these). Out came the knitting - with out alcohol, I might add.

My original goal was to have this to Chris by the time she goes to Iowa...I am into the 3rd/5 repeat for the first chart...I think I can.


Kristy sent an e-mail earlier this week. She made my scarf for ISE3 and I have been so thankful for her friendship. She has had medical events for a long while and I am praying for her - please take a second and put her in your thoughts.

Last but not least

...a picture of Darby. I know, he needs a haircut!


Debbi said...

This shawl is beautiful, and it's pattern is still a mystery to me.
Will you tell us please? Are you the designer?

Kniterella said...

Sorry for the is Icarus from 2006 Summer Interweave Knits. I WISH I had designed this!

Kristy said...

Ahhh... Thank you. I wasn't sure you got my email. I am sure you are going to make it with the shawl. Beautiful so far.

Love the puppy picture! :)