Thursday, May 24, 2007

Intestinal Fortitude and the New Neighbor

OMG! I am so astonished that I put down my knitting (gasp) and came to share my new neighbor with you.

The back story: We live in a newly (last 5 years) developed area with 12 lots. It is arranged in a 'court' type area with a 5 acre pond on each side so nearly all of the homes have pond in their 'back yard'. The area used to be a gravel pit long, long ago. Up until last summer we were one of 2 homes and the other lots were unoccupied.

This is a small community where families have raised their families, have raised their families. We've been here for 4 years and are still 'outsiders'. Kids from all over the town have always come to these ponds to swim and I believe they always will. I know a woman who swam here growing up and she is 50 years old!

The back sides of the ponds are undeveloped and owned by one family who are smart enough to realize that the kids are going to come and they don't stop them as long as they are congenial. If foul language has been expressed, the kids have always apologized for offending and returned to an acceptable disposition.

Enter the new neighbors: They are middle aged retirees and have built many-a-quality-home in this neck of the woods. This is meant to be their final resting place (no pun intended) and they are also building their daughter a house next door to them. I heard that their other daughter built the house across the street and just moved in...not a tight-knit (pun intended) neighborhood, ya see?

The new neighbors (she a retired teacher) have grown children and apparently have forgotten that kids are kids. They DO NOT like kids swimming in any part of the 5 acre pond they back up to...

Sidebar: I really saw this coming and thought the community kids would have gained revenge last Halloween

The new neighbors cont'd: Up until now, it has been pretty low-key where my 14-year old son and his friends are concerned. He has good friends, I know them. They are respectful and helpful and pretty funny to listen to. Awhile ago, my doorbell rang and the new neighbor (wife) stood at my door. I must say, her body language and twisted face gave it away - she was upset!

Me: Hell......
NN: (interrupting the greeting and talking loudly) Is your son one of the boys back there swimming?
Me: Yes, he is with two of his friends. Is ther......
NN: Do you know what kind of kids he is spending time with? (no breath) AND he is on private property!
Me: I know his frie...
NN: The one with a beard is using filthy language
Me: My son and his friends are 14 - they do not have beards. Many many kids go swimming back there. (glancing over her shoulder, I see at least 2 cars which had transported kids to swim) It is a big pond, they are not with those kids. I will take care of my son and his friends getting on the private property, they shouldn't be doing that - I apologize.
NN: WELL, you should be more concerned with the company your son keeps

(ok, I'm getting pissed!)

Sidebar: At this point, my son's two friends are coming up the driveway, my son is coming across the street to avoid walking on anyone's kid! Meanwhile, NN is hastily retreating down my driveway while yelling various parenting tips over her shoulder. She gets to the curb by my mailbox and turns and yells that I need to...

Me: Kids have always come here and they always will. Maybe you should have taken that into consideration before building your house.
NN: Those ki...
Me: (finally raising my voice a small tad) Don't stand at the street yelling at me, go home
NN: Now I know where your son gets it!

Summary: Ok, she got the last word. Seriously, I am amused. She was a teacher? No wonder our school system leaves much to be desired.

Anyway, the boys filled me in (and I saw beard-boy scramble to a car). A couple of the other kids did choose to use foul language after being chased down and harassed by said NN. 'My kids' were talked to and told that is not a way to resolve anything...they already knew that. Beard Boy and Cousin of Beard Boy remain unknown to 'my kids'. Must have been a random swim-by. 'My kids' will not again rest on any 'private property' (the ponds are not part of their land deed). Just for good measure, they also will not go onto the shore on NN's 'side of the pond'.

As for the NN; I guess we won't be exchanging birthday cards and I'm going to look out this Halloween. They were lucky last year, but you know those kids are going to get are kids.

Hmmm, I'll bet NN would be nicer if she knew how to knit!

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Kristy said...

Oh wow! Someone needs to get her some dishcloth cotton and a bottle of Merlot. (Though really, that much bitterness and hostility probably calls for something more along the lines of cashmere and moonshine.)

I hope you don't have to spend much time with her. Bleck!