Monday, May 21, 2007

Lutea Lace - Shoulder Shell modeled

Ask and you shall receive! Doulicia has been thinking of making this pattern from 2007 Summer Interweave Knits.

I adjusted the size to a 38" by adding 8 stitches at cast on.

After working the decreases, I had 60 stitches left (which was the number for a size 40").

I worked the short rows as noted and finished according to the size 40 schematics. When working the lace shoulders, there were not enough stitches for a complete repeat (I believe it was one stitch short). The pattern is such that I just worked the last 2 stitches (instead of 3)as called for (*k3 became k2 for row 1; k3 tog became k2 tog for row 2). After the first 4 rows, there was the correct number of stitches. Also, for the Left-back shoulder, I reversed the order of the stitches and worked backward i.e. Row 1: k3 (2)*, yo, k1...(don't forget, you are one stitch short on this side too~repeat what you did for the right-back shoulder).

After accomplishing the first two shoulders, I just repeated what I had done for the front two shoulders.

You can do it Doulicia!! E-mail me if you get stuck.

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Kristy said...

This sweater is adorable on. I loved it in the first picture but it is really striking on. Excellent job.

Also, look at that beautiful smile!!!