Saturday, May 05, 2007

Knitting as fast as I can

It's hard to hold knitting needles and a beer glass at the same time. If you are accustomed to seeing photos of my yarn, the newest cast-on item, or a finished object - I guarantee you will be disappointed in this post. Just to clarify, I have new yarn and cast-on objects, but I have not been taking photos of them.

Hubs and I snuck off for a little R & R- without the kids! At 17yrs and 14yrs, we have never left and went on vacation without them unless they were visiting with their biological father, which was not often. We celebrated our monumental birthdays this year - me, 40; him, 50 - by waifing our way through our favorite part of the South.

After nearly missing our flight, we landed in Savannah, GA to pick-up our rental and we were STARVING!!! No time to be fussy so we drove to the historical area and landed at the Moon River Brewing Company. Fortunately, their food was as good as their beer! We were able to visit with friends from my previous workplace and went on a carriage tour through the squares in Savannah.

Our next stop led us to the Isle of Palms, SC for 3 days. It is very near Charleston and we spent most of our time roaming the streets and eating at fabulous restaurants. Neither of us had been to Charleston before and it is one of my favorite places that we've ever visited. The weather was in the mid-80's every day and the flowers were everywhere!
We enjoyed our trip to Magnolia Plantation and spent a lot of time going through the gardens.

During our travels through Charleston, I happened across one of the most fabulous yarn stores I've ever seen - Knit. If you are a knitter and in the area, you MUST visit this store. It alone made me want to relocate! My Hubs had promised to be patient and not rush me. He held to his word and sat patiently in the seating area - with another not-so-patient-husband -and read the paper. I'm telling you, this store was designed with husbands in mind.

Mid-week we packed our sandals and headed to Hilton Head Island, SC - our regular stomping ground. We usually visit SC during the steamy months of July and August. I enjoy the humidity of the summer, but the weather in April was a real treat, too. We walked on the beach a lot and ate at our favorite places. By the second day, we were looking through the local papers for jobs (like always).

By the end of the week, it was time to head back to Savannah for an EXTREMELY early flight home. Our last night in Savannah was much like our first day there. We found The Sixpence Pub!!! We bellied up to the bar for a refreshment, or two...or three...(we were walking, not driving). It was dinner time and the food was delicious! On the way back to our hotel, we ran into Capt'n Morgan and I took his photo!

I'm pretty sure it was him - see the resemblance?

I hated to come home, but there were no viable job leads and a work conversion was in the works. We jumped on our plane and headed back north to Michigan : (

Yarn and knitting? I took loads of yarn and bought a load more at Knit in Charleston. I did knit a little, finished nothing. I'm pretty sure that there will be numerous finished items flying through my blog pages in the upcoming days.


Debbi said...

What a fabulous trip! So glad that you could pull off this get-a-way!

Kristy said...

What an amazing trip! Beautiful pictures. I'm so happy for you both that you were able to get away.

I JUST got an email that it appears you sent last week. What is up with that? Also, this post never showed up on my bloglines and I missed it. I should remember I can't always depend on the technology.