Saturday, September 29, 2007

The pink suit

The pink suit
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My youngest son is now a Freshman in High School. Bugg is a Senior and the opportunities for them to bond since school started have resulted in some difficulty. On the other hand, they have been getting along better in little spurts.

E A thinks Bugg's friends are pretty cool (what Freshman wouldn't relish acceptance by the Seniors?) and E A can be fun...She took him to get his very first Homecoming suit this week and this is what I saw when I walked in to pay for it.

The rationalization began:
EA: Aww, mom - come on. You've bought ALL of those dresses for her and they cost A LOT of money. I only want this ONE suit.
Me (thought bubble): He is going to get his A-- kicked if he shows up in this suit.
EA (seeing me hesitate): I will wear it, I PROMISE. I just want this one suit. Look, it has matching shoes AND a matching belt. Pink alligator - isn't it cool!
Me (thought bubble): Crap, there is really no way out of this.
Me: Do you take debit cards?

And this is what we have.

His sister and her friends took him to dinner with them and he had to agree to scram once they got to the dance.

I've got the bandages ready, just in case he gets his a-- kicked.


Littlelou said...

I was just browsing through blogs when I couldn't help but raise a smile at The Pink Suit. It reminded me of some of my way out fashion statements of the past but also how safe and boring I am now..haha. Great blog!

Susan Pandorf said...

Oh Lordy! That suit is a HOOT! When baby boy went to prom he settled for a pink vest, but the whole nine yards is certainly a sight to see...


Monika said...

Your son's very brave! (and convident)