Sunday, September 16, 2007

The culprit sits and watches us, taunting all the while.


I am taking the proverbial beating where my knitting is concerned. That Lacy Cable Shrug that Bugg wanted is taking! There are about 6 inches more to go before the decreases begin on the second sleeve.

The finisher in me pushes it along, however slowly progress is being accomplished. The knitter in me wants to cast-on for something new...a shawl, sweater, even socks!

Onward, I trudge!

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Susan Pandorf said...

Cheer up! At least it's not a scarf (now those DO go one forever...and ever...and without end...amen...)

Besides, if you've got to be stuck on something (not that I'm stuck on Cherry, or anything. Heaven's no! I just can't wait to sit down with her EVERY morning!) something this pretty isn't bad.

Blessings! (and hang in there)