Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beginning Knitters

A very good friend sent an e-mail this week with lots of news (thank you, - I enjoyed reading every detail : )

My friend's daughter, Sarah, has joined the Knitting Club at school and proudly shared her very first project to her mom (a non-knitter). The details made me smile because the memory of my first attempt at knitting is fresh in my mind.

Ok, Knitting Clubs at school? YEAH! What a cool way for teens to show their individuality and explore their creativity than by making something unique from two sticks and some string.

We all know how addictive knitting can become - some of us even become obsessed (my hand is up!). I applaud the teens who are beginning these clubs and gathering the courage to go check them out to see what this knitting thing is all about. I also wish we lived closer because there is fun to be had in helping a new knitter and offering helpful hints that we've painfully learned along the way.

Sarah, check your mailbox next week because your first box of fibery goodness is on it's way.

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