Monday, September 03, 2007

Socks, anyone?

Another finished pair of socks? You bet! Surprise is knocking me back and forth with this pair. The yarn is Knit Pick's Memories which (I believe) is being discontinued? The colorway is Smores and I was a bit disappointed when the hanks arrived, a little less when wound into cakes, but still skeptical. Once the colors began to show themselves, it was all love.

At this rate, I will have enough hand knit socks to wear everyday this winter...if I do laundry twice a week. Ha Ha, I need a Briar Rose Fiber fix and need to finish off Bugg's Lacy Cable Shrug before breaking out new yarn and needles.

PLUS, Hubs wanted to get a shot of these socks with me jumping in the air...(chuckle, chuckle) I agreed to support myself on the cabinets in the kitchen and even that didn't get me far off the ground. Definite support of the fact that a few pounds have graced my buttocks during the glorious summer months. I believe some strict eating habits and additional exercise are in my near future!

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